The oldest artisan bakery in Lublin, as well as one of the oldest bakeries in Poland run continuously by a single artisan family.
We have been making bread since 1944, using only natural ingredients, no baking additives, no bread improvers, no preservatives and no ready-made bakery mixes. We make our baked goods exclusively according to traditional recipes, unchanged for years.
Located in the same place, at 4 Furmańska Street in Lublin, since the beginning.
Only 150 m from the Castle Square, Grodzka Gate, Hartwigs’ Alley and other magical places of the Lublin’s Old Town.

Bread made by hand

Only human hands and our own recipes.
Kneading, proofing, moistening,
baking … eating!

Only natural ingredients

Our products are made from rye flour – ranging from light rye flour through pre-sifted flour to wholemeal, from wheat flour – varying from choice, through bread flour to graham flour, as well as coarse spelt flour (wholemeal). All the ingredients sourced from a local, family-run mill where nature is not improved on.

Our own rye sourdough starter

In our bakery, we exclusively use natural sourdough starter, just like real artisans always do. We run our sourdough traditionally and do not use any shortcuts. Craftsmanship, reliance on our senses and experience are the only helpers.

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For all those who appreciate and seek real bread, the secret of which is mature rye sourdough and the craftsmanship of human hands.
For gourmets of natural rolls, challahs, croissants, bagels and onion flatbreads, which we have been making the same way since 1944.
For connoisseurs of pastry, buns, rolls, filled croissants and seasonal pastries with fruit, as well as lovers of small, crunchy cookies and gingerbread biscuits.


Choice rolls and ‘cebularz’ onion flatbreads

Buttery bread, pastries and cakes